Oldham springs into action

Published: 1 March 2021
Reporter: David Upton

Whodunnit at the Coliseum
Have Your Passport Ready
Project Intimacy

Oldham Coliseum Theatre is hosting a spring season of online events and experiences for audiences of all ages, using interactivity and digital technology.

From April 9–25, the Coliseum and Front Room Productions present Whodunnit at the Coliseum?—a tongue-in-cheek interactive murder mystery set at the theatre in 1954 on the opening night of The Scottish Play.

It’s part-theatre, part-film and part-video game, all online. Audiences can return to the theatre for the first time since March 2020 without physically leaving their homes.

In real life, actor Harold Norman was accidentally stabbed during the 1947 production of Macbeth at the Coliseum, later dying of his wounds in hospital. Whodunnit at the Coliseum? is set during the theatre’s first production of Macbeth since the tragic event.

This March, the Coliseum is also supporting Riptide to present Project Intimacy from March 4–18 and working in partnership with them to present The Lucky Ones from March 20–26.

Project Intimacy is a two-week experience aiming to forge new connections and combat isolation with people from across the country.

The Lucky Ones is a week-long part-theatre, part-video game and part-escape room, coming to audiences via their phones, computers and letterboxes.

Available now, the Coliseum also has two free online events from Stand and Be Counted Theatre as part of the digital season: Hidden Winter and Have Your Passport Ready.

As previously announced, the Coliseum presents ThickSkin’s virtual reality experience PETRICHOR from March 1–7.

Micro Commissions is seven new works exploring themes of health and wellbeing.