One Dance and Guest continue mental wellbeing collaboration

Published: 5 March 2021
Reporter: Vera Liber

A Dream of Dark & Troubling Things Credit: Rick Guest

One Dance UK and filmmaker Rick Guest continue their collaboration promoting mental wellbeing for dancers with new short film A Dream of Dark & Troubling Things, which looks at rage and how it can be harnessed creatively.

Audiences can also join creator Rick Guest in conversation with Erin Sanchez, One Dance UK’s Manager of Health, Wellbeing and Performance, for a look at the creative process and delve into the meaning behind the film.

Guest said, "I’m so grateful to the amazing team at One Dance UK for both raising awareness for this incredibly important issue within the creative arts and for supporting the many ways in which we can express what we’re going through, and hopefully, through that work, help others acknowledge their situation and understand that they are not alone and that there is a way through.”

Sanchez added, “awareness, understanding and management of our emotional responses to uncertainty, stress, and threat are important to support health and wellbeing and cope with events in life. The emotion of anger can be stigmatised and misunderstood. A Dream of Dark & Troubling Things provides a lens on anger through art. In conversation with the artists, we will discuss this emotion and experiences of it in times of challenge and consider how to accept and express this emotion healthfully."

The film will première on One Dance UK’s Facebook page at 2PM on Friday 5 March, followed by the live Q&A at 3PM on Zoom.