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One Dance UK leads new research into freelance workforce

Published: 17 December 2018

One Dance UK has commissioned the first workforce research for over 10 years to generate new insight into the working lives of freelancers, who form a significant share of the workforce in the dance sector, in order try to understand their working lives and gauge the contribution that they make to dance in the UK.

One Dance UK has partnered with Arts Council England to commission researchers from the University of Bedfordshire’s Research Institute for Media, Arts and Performance to carry out this study. The research team is approaching dancers, producers, teachers, choreographers, managers, researchers and healthcare providers to participate in this study. It is anticipated that the study's findings will inform the development of projects and new initiatives that the organisation and other partners will carry out in the future to support freelancers.

The research team is keen to hear from every freelancer and independent artist at any stage in their career.

Vera Liber