Fringe hit Our Fathers to tour in May

Published: 23 March 2014
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

Our Fathers

One of last year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe hits, Our Fathers, is to go on tour in May.

Partially autobiographical, the show interweaves the stories of those who have devised and now perform it—Sofia Paschou, Bert Roman and Mike Tweddle—and their fathers.

Mike Tweddle said, “This began as a frighteningly personal project: to uncover the father I’d lost at thirteen, and examine how his absence had affected the man, and sexual being, I’d become.

"But when we incorporated the very different stories of Sofia and Bert, the play opened up to explore the 20th century European father, and the pressures and myths that governed the ways in which he could (or couldn’t) show his love.

"We hope that the dangerous honesty of the material is balanced by a generous, eclectic performance style that can surprise and implicate the audience, stirring them to reflect on the father figures of their lives.”

Our Fathers is directed by Juan Ayala; it has a running time of 70 minutes and is suitable for ages 12 plus. For further information visit the company web site.

The national tour starts on 14 May visiting: