Puppets at Pop-Up Palladium

Published: 13 September 2020
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

Pop Up Palladium - The Lips - Puppets With Guts, Toybox - Kamari Romeo, Patsy May – Laura Bacon, I Mademoiselle Lychee – Aya Nakamura, Julian Kemp

Puppets are on at Pop-Up Palladium which returns to Zoom on 18 September with shows demonstrating a variety of puppetry technics and offering interviews and a behind the scenes look at puppetry in theatre, television and film.

Welsh puppeteer Emily Morus-Jones hosts the event which will includes Patsy May who will be known to viewers of Britain’s Got Talent.

Morus-Jones said, “my hope is that this event will go some way to keeping struggling performers afloat, give them a bit of hope and inspiration for the future, and help audiences to discover what a wonderful, broad church the world of puppetry really is.”

Funds generated by ticket sales will be split between the puppeteers. Puppetry is a field whose practitioners have experienced special difficulty working during the pandemic because of the close proximity in which they perform.

September's show will feature:

  • The Lips by Puppets With Guts in which "delightfully deviant divas" lead a big puppet outdoor singalong.
  • Toybox, a visual spoken word album with music & puppetry looking at experiences of British childhood by Kamari Romeo.
  • Patsy May—the "Banksy of puppetry", Laura Bacon, performs Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist singer and all-round diva Patsy May.
  • Mademoiselle Lychee, probably the smallest burlesque dancer in the world, is performed by London-based Japanese theatre-maker, puppeteer and puppet maker Aya Nakamura.
  • BAFTA-winning Julian Kemp, director of Wise Up, The Fimbles, The Roly Mo Show, Roger and The Rotten Trolls, Diddy TV, The Diddy Movies and the BBC / Sesame Workshop Production of The Furchester Hotel, will be talking about his experiences of directing puppetry for film and television.