Quantum Magic Lab's free magic lessons

Published: 6 April 2020
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

Kevin Quantum - Quantum Magic Lab - Free Daily Magic Lessons

Penn & Teller-trained magician Kevin Quantum is offering free magic lessons for kids over the age of five.

He met the famous pair when he was challenged to learn the skills as a participant on Channel 4's Faking It, since when he has become an Edinburgh Fringe regular and co-founder of Magic School at the Edinburgh International Magic Festival.

As a dad and as holder of the Guinness World Record for the Largest Magic Lesson, he is well-placed to teach magic to kids, and the interested of all ages—no one is too old to learn new tricks.

Quantum said, “the Fringe is the highlight of my year. I work 6 months to create a show to première. I’m gutted it’s cancelled but I struck upon a way to fill my time and help other parents like myself with kids that are going crazy stuck indoors.

“Magic is an amazing educational tool and I want to teach magician skills: performing, sleight of hand. I want to get you thinking, creating, making stuff. Of course, I’m a magician-scientist so I’ll be putting a science spin on it all; not just how it works but the deeper secrets of why it works. Like a weird fusion of Hogwarts and CERN. We’ve already got 10 lessons online so feel free to binge.”

The Quantum Magic Lab is on daily at noon on YouTube.