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Rebels at the Albany

Published: 17 March 2019
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

London arts centre the Albany presents a six week season of work across three venues this spring.

Looking at creating political change, challenging expectations and improving life, the work presented in Rebels spans genres and includes six specially commissioned pieces.

The Albany's Gavin Barlow said, “we are thrilled to present Rebels, a season about politics, protest, breaking the mould and celebrating difference. This work is vital, daring and captivating—we are supporting artists to push boundaries and challenge what we might expect. As a result, most of the events will be difficult to label or box, just as people are.”

Amongst the highlights of the Rebels season are:

  • The Kids Are Alright­ – two performances on one stage: an adult narrative weaving through parental grief and an immersive audio experience for children full of hope after a family trip turns to tragedy and all ages have to navigate loss and care for one another.
  • Drawing the Line – an interactive show in which the audience takes the role of two rival nations and using storytelling, gaming and group decision-making determines their nation's future.
  • Question Time Cabaret – featuring performances from comedy, spoken word and drag acts, this is a "political knees-up" in the style of Question Time about the state of the nation.

The season includes free creative workshop Motherhoody, spoken word, visual arts, dance and music events for a range of ages.

Rebels takes place at The Albany, the Deptford Lounge and Canada Water Theatre from 11 April to 1 June.