Room to Room dance solos on film

Published: 20 August 2021
Reporter: Vera Liber

Natalia Osipova and Joseph Toonga Credit: Rick Guest and Camilla Greenwell composite photo

Dance artists Ana Maria Lucaciu and Catarina Carvalho (long-time dancers with Cedar Lake and Company Wayne McGregor respectively) have joined with four dance artists to create three new dance solos, filmed by Ravi Deepres, for Room to Room.

Lucaciu and Carvalho, out of work due to the pandemic, created a long-distance dance solo working via Zoom with Carvalho in London and Lucaciu in Helsinki, which resulted in a 13-minute solo filmed on a smartphone. This became a global project involving more than 50 artists around the globe and this September sees the first UK version.

Hip hop and contemporary dancer and choreographer Joseph Toonga has collaborated with Natalia Osipova, a Principal of The Royal Ballet. Catarina Carvalho will work with hearing-impaired dancer Hearns Sebuado and Ana Maria Lucaciu will work with Kathak and contemporary dancer Vidya Patel.

The films are free to watch and available for one week from 7:30PM on Tuesday 21 September.

There is a crowd-funding campaign for Room to Room on Greenlit.