Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre In York

Published: 9 June 2019
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

Once again a pop up theatre is being erected in York for a summer season of Shakespeare plays.

This year's programme is made up of Hamlet, Henry V, The Tempest and Twelfth Night, with Maggie Bain, David Oakes, Sam Callis, Olivia Onyehara, Mark Holgate and Leandra Ashton.

The design of the theatre is inspired by the Rose Theatre of 1587 situated in London’s Bankside. Whilst the original was constructed from timber with a lath and plaster exterior and thatch roof, York's homage is being constructed using state-of-the-art scaffolding technology, corrugated iron and timber to provide three covered tiers seating 560 and an open courtyard for 340 groundlings.

In addition to the four productions in the theatre, there will be Elizabethan-style entertainment including comic mini-plays and speeches and an Elizabethan garden created by Yorkshire garden designer Sally Tierney.

The Rose Theatre season will run from 25 June to 1 September.