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Spring at Alphabetti

Published: 8 January 2019

Newcastle fringe theatre Alphabetti has announced its January to April 2019 season, a season which begins with two regular impro events, The Suggestibles School of Improv's Rat Race at 8:30 on 25 January and Open Heart Theatre's Let Us Make It Up To You on 26 at 8:00.

Bacon Knees and Sausage Fingers

From 1 to 23 February (not Sundays and Mondays) Alphabetti Theatre in partnership with The Worriers revives Bacon Knees and Sausage Fingers, written and performed by Gary Kitching and Steve Byron, which was originally produced—and sold out—in 2016.

The play came out of an Alphabetti Theatre 24 Hour Challenge in May 2015, when Kitching and Byron wrote a play in 24 hours reacting to stimuli provided by Ali Pritchard, Alphabetti's Artistic Director. Following that, the three of them worked on the piece and performed it in October 2016. From there The Worriers theatre company was formed, winning awards in 2017 and 2018.

During the run of the show, after the performance, four artists / companies will perform pieces of inspired by it:

  • On Friday 1 February at 9:00, "comedy genius" Mr Shindig, AKA Hal Branson, and Joby Mageean, come up with their reaction to the play.
  • From 5 to 8 February, also at 9:00, Alphabetti has commissioned musician and poet, Diji Solanke to present his take on the production and from 12 to 15 Bonnie and the Bonnettes will present their version.
  • Finally, from 19 to 21, The Twisting Ducks Theatre Company, which was developed by a group of adults with learning disabilities who shared a passion for performing and a desire to create original work that was representative of their lives and the issues most important to them, will present their reaction.

More Impro

The Suggestibles School of Improv presents 4 1 Night Only on 16 February and on 22 Open Heart Theatre presents the February Let Us Make It Up To You.

Trump the Musical

From 25 February to 1 March the perpetrators of Boris the Musical bring something far worse!

It's 2020. Time to make Donald Great Again! But can King Nigel Farage the First of England get his trade deal? Will Kim Jong Un stop messing about with missiles? Why has Vladimir Putin gone suspiciously quiet? An evening of raucous satire, original music and one truly awful wig with Blowfish Theatre.

An Odd Encounter

Presented by Irregular Arts in association with Little Mighty from 5 to 9 March.

"Everything I know about love, I learned from Brief Encounter, but when it comes to matters of the heart, could it be time for us to move on?" A mash-up of cabaret, theatre show and wedding reception, Odd Encounter asks if the whole idea of finding “The One” was always a bit misguided. A new show for the age of Harvey Weinstein and #metoo, this unique performance event lifts the lid on love & sex, beginnings & endings, and the passage of time.

Some regular events

On 12 March, the Write Something Showcase features 14 new plays in an evening of rehearsed readings from plays developed over The Write Something Workshops for the previous six weeks.

On 13, Steven Arran presents Shakespeare's Speakeasy. Can a group of strangers successfully stage a Shakespearean play in a day?

Then on 14, experimental performance night FLIM NITE returns to Newcastle to retell classic films the only way they can: nonsensically, outlandishly and with wild-eyed enthusiasm, a self-styled ‘death to movies’ night where popular films are retold through poetry, comedy, music and more.

On 16, Write Faster returns in which the aim is for the three writers to write a brand new play in front of the audience, whilst it’s also being performed—there will be a typewriter, a computer, pens and paper. The writers hand lines, stage directions and anything else they fancy to the actors for them to act out. What will unfurl, an epic modern day classic or one for the wastepaper basket?

The White Plague

Presented by Fedoro Bridges from 19 to 23 March. A mysterious and fiercely contagious virus spreads among a major city's population, causing all infected victims to lose their sight, so the government takes emergency action and isolates those affected in unprepared and inaccessible facilities. In this immersive performance, members of the audience will be required to wear a special mask for most of the show that will restrict their vision. Use of strobe light and loud noises take place during the performance.


From 26 to 30 March, SA Performing Arts Centre (formerly Sage Academy) final year students tackle one of Enda Walsh’s lesser-known plays under the guidance and direction of Alphabetti Theatre’s artistic director Ali Pritchard.

It’s 2004 and six teenage characters communicate only via the Internet. Conversations range in subject from Britney Spears to Willy Wonka to suicide. From this chilling premise is forged a play that tackles the issues of teenage life head-on.

The Bon Bons Cabaret

On 28 March at 9:00, Bonnies and The Bonnettes present The Bon Bons Cabaret: God Save the Queens.

And more impro

The Suggestibles School of Improv present Rat Race on 29 March and on 5 April, Open Heart Theatre presents Let Us Make It Up To You, both at 9:00.

Diary of an Expat

Who are those weird creatures (immigrants) who have taken control of the British Eden?

Diary of an Expat, presented by Paper Smokers from 2 to 5 April, tells the comic story of the encounter between modern migrant, Cecilia, and London—a contemporary El Dorado craved by generations of young Europeans. When she arrived in the UK from Italy nine years ago with a suitcase full of hopes, dreams and bags of pasta, Cecilia’s mission began: becoming British whilst remaining deeply Italian.

Based on real testimonies as well as personal experiences of writer Cecilia Gragnani, Diary of an Expat looks at lives of Europeans abroad and their urgency to understand and explore what expatriating means for a younger generation.

100 Ways To Tie A Shoelace

Presented by Forget About The Dog Theatre Company from 16 to 19 April.

Since the accident, Kat’s having trouble with her memory. Her only escape from her muddled mind is a hospital ward TV.

A comedic insight into one person’s mind, the play explores Kat’s recovery as she fights her anxieties and faces her fears. Mix-ups, mayhem and muscle memory.

Finally, more impro

On 26 April The Suggestibles School of Improv presents 4 1 Night Only.

Peter Lathan