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Survey for WGGB Equality Writes

Published: 13 February 2022
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

Telling Our Stories: A Survey

Ethnically diverse scriptwriters practicing across film, gaming, radio, television and theatre are invited to share their experience in a new survey commissioned by Writers’ Guild of Great Britain, a trade union representing writers.

The survey, Telling Our Stories: A Survey, run by advocacy collective Inc Arts UK and funded by Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society, has been written for ethnically diverse people by an ethnically diverse team.

It seeks to collate information that will form the next phase of WGGB’s Equality Writes campaign which builds on the previously commissioned Gender Inequality and Screenwriters report.

Chairs of WGGB’s Equality and Diversity Committee, Sumerah Srivastav and Sukey Fisher, said, "ethnically diverse scriptwriters across the UK are severely under-represented—all the existing data points to this—and many of the stories played out on our screens, in our theatres, across the airwaves and in the gaming milieu therefore inevitably reflect an unacceptable inequality that must be challenged.

"This survey is your chance to rewrite this flawed narrative. Please, tell us about your experiences as storytellers—the good, the bad and the ugly. Now is the time to raise your voices and be heard so we can campaign on your behalf and effect meaningful change."

Inc Arts Minds also offers online drop-in spaces for those who would like to discuss their experiences following the survey.

The survey is open until 1 March.