Tales in two cities - Bethlehem Cultural Festival

Published: 21 November 2021
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

Bethlehem Cultural Festival - A Person Can Only Be Born In One Place
Bethlehem Cultural Festival - Hawwiya Dance Company Credit: migration matters
Bethlehem Cultural Festival - Running Freely Credit: Diala Isid

The Bethlehem Cultural Festival takes place in London and Glasgow over a long weekend in December.

Celebrating the cultural scene of Palestine and the Eastern Mediterranean, the programme comprises music, food, discussion, theatre, film and dance events, some of which will be available to global audiences online.

Live performance highlights of this second festival include Ahmed Najar and Ashraf Afifi’s play A Person Can Only Be Born in One Place, Hawwiya Dance Company Hawwiya Dabke Dance and a number of music events.

Festival co-founder and director Melissa Scott said, “as much of the world’s thoughts turn to Christmas, the Bethlehem Cultural Festival team is bringing a diverse range of cultural events from Palestine and the Mediterranean to an international audience.

"We provide a platform for artists across the world to connect and work together to find common ground through their work and through panel discussions to address key issues that cultural practitioners face in their work. We are building on the rich cultural heritage that this region has always had throughout the centuries, and try to go some way to remind the world of the positive cultural work being done on the ground every day.”

Bethlehem Cultural Festival run from 2 to 5 December.