The Bread & Roses Playwriting Award programme

Published: 6 October 2019
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

Bread & Roses Playwriting Award 2018-2019

This month sees the first of three plays written by the winners of the second Bread & Roses Playwriting Award go into production.

This biennial award is given for full-length plays in which half or more of the roles are female, non-binary or gender-neutral.

From over 400 submissions the judges selected:

  • Hungerland by Rachel O'Regan
  • I and the Village by D Donohue
  • Who You Are and What You Do by Hugh Dichmont

The first to receive a professional production is Hungerland which will be directed by Rebecca Pryle and Velenzia Spearpoint and will open on 29 October. O'Regan's play has twin sisters come head to head on Christmas Day when there is more to lose than their inheritance.

I and the Village, which looks at three African women living in the Direct Provision System as asylum seekers awaiting a decision on their applications in Ireland, will open in April.

Who You Are and What You Do is a set of five narratives about happiness; it will receive its first professional production next October.

The Bread & Roses Playwriting Award will open next in 2020. Playwrights must be based in Europe and their submissions must be of full-length plays with at least half the roles being female, non-binary or gender-neutral. Submissions are judged anonymously across three readings rounds.