Story Detectives UK library tour

Published: 16 February 2023
Reporter: Vera Liber

The Story Detectives

The Story Detectives, the latest project from dance company Made by Katie Green, tours the UK this year with free performances at libraries across the country including Hillingdon (16–18 February), Dorset (14 April), Surrey (22 April–1 July) and Plymouth (7–8 July).

An immersive promenade dance performance, The Story Detectives takes children and their families on an imaginative journey through the library to discover different kinds of books, from a detective book to an adventure book, a dictionary to a fairy tale, led by two characters: Playful and Particular.

The audience are invited to help Playful and Particular solve clues, look for letters and learn a movement ‘code’ that will help them on their journey. When they find themselves trapped in a Villain’s tower, they help the Hero to escape and are invited to unravel one final clue to find the name of the Most Important Story.

Ahead of the performances, an Activity Pack will be installed at the libraries for a sneak peek into The Story Detectives and to create their own hero and villain story by following a trail around the library.

Tickets are free but must be booked in advance.