Viviana Durante new adaptation of MacMillan’s Deadly Sins at Wilton’s

Published: 23 February 2019
Reporter: Vera Liber

Viviana Durante will present the world première of a re-staging of Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s version of Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht’s Seven Deadly Sins at Wilton’s Music Hall in May.

The production stars Meow Meow and Royal Ballet principal Laura Morera as the two conflicting sides of Anna, an only daughter who is sent out by her family to make their fortune, making her way through seven American cities. Meow Meow portrays the singing Anna, the pragmatic bourgeois, while Laura Morera will take on the role of the dancing Anna, an artistic beauty with an open heart. Anna and her two different personalities must navigate each city, encountering a deadly sin in each one that stands in the way of her success.

Seven Deadly Sins is directed by Viviana Durante and developed in association with Deborah MacMillan, drawing on her late husband Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s three previous versions of the ballet chanté, the last of which was staged for television in 1984. The cast will also include twenty singers, dancers and guest Royal Ballet principals.

Viviana Durante said, "I’m proud to restore this remarkable work to the stage, working closely with Deborah MacMillan and the extraordinary Meow Meow, and with Wilton’s to bring ballet to places it doesn't often reach."