Winners get heard if not seen

Published: 7 March 2021
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

The Wakey-Wake-Amatic Credit: Esme, aged 10
Two Worlds, One Meal Credit: Faaris, aged 13

The four winners of Theatr Iolo’s Young Playwright’s Competition have had their work produced as audio plays.

Originally, the plays were to have been seen at the Sherman Theatre but the COVID restrictions have put paid to that.

Leading Welsh children’s theatre company Theatr Iolo selected the teenagers' work through a competition in the summer of last year put together to provide young people with a creative activity.

Winning young playwright, 14-year-old Lauren, said, “the experience has really opened my eyes to all the different levels there are to creating a performance and it’s been so interesting for me to go through the process step by step and experience it as if I were working professionally. I’ve enjoyed every aspect of the experience starting from the first draft of my play to the final recording session and I am so grateful I got the opportunity to work with everyone on the performance.”

They were each recorded by video call, directed by Lee Lyford and Sion Pritchard. The performers are Mali Ann Rees, Sion Pritchard, Sara Lloyd, Kyle Lima and Connor Allen.

The winning texts, which are available to listen to free of charge on the Theatr Iolo podcast channel from 9 March, are:

  • The Wakey-Wake-Amatic by Esme, aged 10
  • Home from War by Lauren, aged 14
  • Two Worlds, One Meal by Faaris, aged 13
  • Cer i Ffwrdd by Rhiana, aged 15