Winners in Sherman's online season

Published: 20 September 2020
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

Winners - audio adaptation opens Sherman's online season Credit: Nova Theatre

The Sherman Theatre’s online autumn season starts with an audio adaptation of Winners from its pre-lockdown Get It While It's Hot season.

The audio comedy about a rugby-loving couple now on the brink looks at gender dynamics in Wales and what happens when the people we love don’t live up to our expectations.

Produced by Nova Theatre, the company's artistic director and the play’s author, Lowri Jenkins, performs as Cassie with Oliver Morgan-Thomas playing Dafydd.

Jenkins said, “Winners is about a couple who love each other and rugby. It’s about our expectations of one another and when we don’t quite meet them. In lots of ways the characters are inspired by that fan-idol dynamic, and what happens if that’s part of a personal relationship—and if we push that to an extreme. Winners is funny and charming and simple.

“We haven’t tried too hard to make it anything other than an analysis of a very normal relationship told through the theme of rugby… because we genuinely love rugby! We want audiences to have a good time, to laugh, maybe cry, and relate to our story.”

Winners is directed by Samantha Alice Jones, edited by Katheryn Siggers and produced by Ceriann Williams. It is available to stream until 30 September free of charge, but donations are encouraged.