Yard Online—and on the phone

Published: 10 May 2020
Reporter: Sandra Giorgetti

London's Yard Theatre goes online

Sunday 17 May sees London's Yard Theatre share a programme of live events.

Artist Stacy Makishi will make one-to-one phone calls to deliver a performance in which mundane household objects become revelatory during the course of the day whilst the evening sees an online performance of Christopher Green’s interactive No Show.

The Yard’s Associate Director Anthony Simpson-Pike will host a Town Hall discussion on the future of theatre. Artistic director Jay Miller, who will be one of the speakers, said of the this special programme, “The Yard exists to celebrate extraordinary stories, to celebrate liveness and to celebrate people coming together to share an experience. For Yard Online, we have commissioned brilliant artists from across our theatre, music and local programmes to create a space where audiences can connect with each other and artists from their own homes.”

  • 12:00–11:00PM The Promise by Stacy Makishi
  • 12:00–01:30PM Town Hall: Rebuilding Better chaired by Anthony Simpson Pike, with speakers TBC
  • 02:30–03:30PM Sunday lunch with Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, hosted by former Yard Young Artist Jemima Mayala
  • 06:00–07:30PM Christopher Green: No Show
  • 08:00–09:00PM I’LL BE LUCINA by Marikiscrycrycry
  • 09:00–11:00PM Eastern Margins: Ceremony

Yard Online is one part of The Yard's current activities. The Yard Young Artists programmes in addition to the regular programmes for the local community have moved online, and the team has also delivered hot meals, food deliveries and medication to vulnerable local people through a network of volunteers.

The Yard is gratefully accepting any and all donations for all areas of its work.