A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens, adapted by Nick Hennegan
Theatre Tours International
Assembly George Square Studios

Guy Masterson

A Christmas Carol may sound like an unlikely selection for the Edinburgh Fringe in August but it proves to be a perfect vehicle for Guy Masterson to deliver a masterclass in the art of solo performance.

For 75 minutes, aided by no more than a chair and coat, the actor magically creates the Victorian classic, using every skill in the acting repertoire. It helps that both the lighting and a soundscape composed by Robb Williams are well judged to enhance the performance.

Nick Hennegan directs and has skilfully adapted the novel, bringing out the beauty of Dickens's language, building the drama to a truly uplifting climax.

Even if you are sick to death of Edinburgh solos, give this one a go as it will refresh your palate for what can, in the hands of mere mortals, all too frequently seem like a jaded and over-used art form.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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