Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking

John Hinton
Pleasance Courtyard

John Hinton

Some years back, Daniel Goldman’s Tangram produced a joyous show, Crunch, that told audiences more about apples than seemed possible. Unusually, the show effortlessly crossed over the divide between children’s entertainment and adult theatre.

Using a similar mix of learning, comedy and song, John Hinton accompanied on the keyboard by Jo Eagle lectures to a hot, full house and by the end of an hour, attendees should be able to explain the theory of relativity and much more. They will also have a good idea of the major events in Einstein’s life.

Looking surprisingly like the original and aging thanks to the unique powers of talcum powder, Hinton expertly makes the most complicated of concepts easily intelligible, which isn’t easy when it comes to theoretical physics.

In only an hour, we hear about both theories of relativity, the speed and effect of light, gravity, the atomic bomb and even delight in an E-MC2 rap.

Along the way, he delivers a number of terrible puns, sings those songs and uses audience members in sophisticated experiments.

This really is a delightful way to learn a lesson and comes strongly recommended.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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