Wajdi Mouawad
Richard Jordan Productions and Theatreturtle
Pleasance Courtyard

Wajdi Mouawad is an accomplished writer and especially performer. His latest creation is a solo show about a young fantasist named Alphonse.

Alon Nashman puts his all into a meticulously created performance that even features a shower of popcorn.

The story follows the eponymous hero after he wanders away from home, causing panic and consternation. Nashman distinctively portrays his family and friends, who together build up a portrait of a young dreamer. They interact with his sympathetic pursuer, a Columbo-like cop called Victor in a search for the wanderer.

At the other end, Alphonse and his imaginary friend/alter ego Jean Paul René enter a foodie fantasy world that might owe something to Roald Dahl.

The good news is that all live happily ever after.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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