Andrew Maxwell

Andrew Maxwell
Assembly George Square

Comedians come in all shapes and sizes and use all kinds of tactics to get laughs.

Like so many, Irishman Andrew Maxwell wears tee-shirt, jeans and trainers, although there is a suspicion that they are expensive versions of the uniform. His hour has a similar feel.

Maxwell is not big on themes, preferring to drift around and change the subject on a constant basis, giving the feel that he is ad-libbing rather more than is probably the case.

He is also bang up to date throughout, starting with observations on the riots that had not even commenced when he arrived in Edinburgh. This is the best of the material, showing the comic's intelligence as much as his sense of humour.

It might also be regarded as brave, especially if any fat lads from the Manchester area take time out from looting to see the show.

For an Irishman from the South, religion inevitably looms large and Maxwell is even-handed, attacking the "Nazi Pope" but also Protestants, especially Rangers fans, and attempting to embarrass the only Muslim in a 400 strong house.

Nationality and the financial crisis also get a look-in in an hour that can be a little patchy, not always helped by the accent, but overall lives up to his billing as one of the biggest names playing this year's Fringe.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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