at the Sans Hotel

Nicola Gunn
Nicola Gunn in association with Fringe Management
Assembly Hall

According to The (Melbourne) Age "I would watch Nicola Gunn shell peas". The performer does the stage equivalent, at least dramatically, in an hour that is as baffling as anything you could hope to find (or otherwise).

Pretending to be a Frenchwoman called Sophie, Miss Gunn chatters inanely, asks the audience to complete an invisible questionnaire and hands out empty plastic cups.

She then takes on the persona of a German woman, translating matters of little note in an Australian accent. She finishes, or not, standing on stage challenging the audience to outstay her.

at the Sans Hotel might be trying to portraying someone having a nervous breakdown? It may even be high art and very entertaining for some but when visitors are invited to leave at various points, many seemed relieved to accept.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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