Beeston Rifles

Philip Stokes
Horizon Arts
Underbelly, Cowgate

The main attraction for visitors to Beeston Rifles is an outstanding performance by Kate Daley as Stacey, a young lady with myriad problems in this northern, post in-yer-face drama.

As if losing your father to a hit and run driver wasn’t bad enough, she has also been left to support her adult, “spastic” brother, Lee Bainbridge’s Frankie.

Most of us would find that enough of a burden, without kidnapping another brother-sister pairing at gunpoint.

The motivation is that well-to-do Alex and Polly, respectively played by Ryan Hogan and Kirsty Green, ran over dear dad, who was six times over the alcohol limit at the time.

For just over an hour, much angst is disseminated by all, while increasingly unlikely developments embroider what might have worked better as a simple revenge tragedy.

Regardless of that, go along to see Miss Daley giving her all and building to an emotional high point that she carried right through the curtain call.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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