Being Posy

Posy O'Rourke
Four in a Bed Theatre

Being Posy

Eighteen-year-old Posy O'Rourke believes the articulation of inner feelings should be encouraged as the process may give other people who are struggling with the same feelings something to which they can relate.

Being Posy is a short autobiographical film that implements this approach. It is filmed in a typical teenager’s bedroom which is appropriate as the empowerment message is aimed at that age group. This does, however, create challenges for the cameraman who tries to find interesting ways of filming very limited scenes by roving around the room.

The play comprises a series of short speeches and a handful of songs performed live by O'Rourke on ukulele and keyboards. Themes include feeling out of place, working out one’s sexual identity, coming to terms with losing friends and having the courage to speak out. The tone is low-key and understated. O'Rourke copes with life’s developments rather than being overwhelmed by them and hopes to help others do likewise.

Being Posy is a positive approach to sensitive subjects; however, there is not a great deal of humour, so it nudges towards being ‘worthy’. The occasional joke might help offset the sense that the play is a lecture with songs.

Reviewer: David Cunningham

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