Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show: Menu 3

Scott Mullen, Tom Hartwell, William Knowleden, Derek Webb, Greg Romero
Bite-Size Plays
Pleasance Dome

Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show

Everybody's favourite morning entertainment is as much fun as ever. This menu comprises five short plays.

Sandbox by Scott Mullen

The quirky opener is set in a sand pit at a public park. Rather than kids, this is a peace pit where stressed out adults can shed their troubles.

Nathan Builds a Time Machine by Tom Hartwell

This play is hilarious. It features the playwright as Nathan, whose relationship with Imogen Miller Porter's Jessica is struggling.

However, our man has the perfect solution: a time machine that whisks him back to the recent past where he can eradicate those little irritations that have been blighting their relationship. It works a treat—well, almost.

The Meeting by William Knowleden

A rural Women's Institute group seeks radical solutions to falling membership. With Rosie Edwards's and Claira Watson Parr's characters in the vanguard, they decide that the way to attract the young is to go fundamentalist. The consequences are unexpected but extremely funny.

Fagbutt in the Fishbowl by Derek Webb

Fagbutt in the Fishbowl is a gentle comedy that follows a pair of goldfish as they forget and ponder on the dullness of their lives. Tom Hartwell and Thomas Willshire prove to be perfect (fish) character actors.

Foxing by Greg Romero

This mysterious mini-drama witnesses Billy Knowelden and Claira Watson Parr engaged in an acting/exercise class, during which their personal trainer intersperses physical jerks with reading and performing random lines.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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