Big Bite-Size Lunch-Hour: Izzy's Manifestos

Kevin Jones
Bite-Size Plays
Gilded Balloon Teviot

Claira Watson-Parr

In a new venture, the Big Bite-Size team have commissioned an hour-long monologue to showcase the considerable talents of Claira Watson-Parr.

She is Izzy, a feisty Yorkshire lass with a rebellious streak and quirky view of life.

Even as a tot, Izzy wants to be different, as her first manifesto makes clear and ever after remains an outsider.

We follow her life into a difficult time as a teen, marked by the loss of a much-loved father and a tough time at school.

University choices are limited but, using an impressively practical approach, Izzy gets into and graduates from Art College, making and losing friends and a lover with alacrity.

Her attitude to a job in the tax office is similar, building to a mini-life-changing moment that ends a witty but thought-provoking monologue, which fits perfectly into the Gilded Balloon’s intimate Turret space.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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