Bill Clinton Hercules

Rachel Mariner
Theatre Tours International
Assembly George Square Studios

Bill Clinton Hercules

This intelligent and informative bio-play takes as its text Seamus Heaney's The Cure at Troy. The myth gives Bob Paisley, or to be more accurate his character Bill Clinton, a series of Greek role models to identify with for 70 minutes.

During this laid-back lecture, viewers get a really good impression of the life of the hick from Arkansas who became President of the United States, via his own mouth.

Rachel Mariner ensures that very few stones are left unturned. A brief run through boyhood does not suggest that kind of background which ends in the White House, though an influential mother and strong character are apparent early.

Clinton is a man who loves role models, JFK, Martin Luther King, Yitzhak Rabin and Nelson Mandela all make a big impression.

However, Hillary Roddam Clinton and another less well respected woman, Monica Lewinsky eventually make a bigger impact on his later career.

While Clinton is generally a sunny character, he does bear grudges much as he would like not to: former close colleague Leon Panetta and his CIA and Alan Greenspan of the Federal Reserve are blamed for so much that has gone wrong in recent years.

Paisley looks and sounds right and gives a fine performance of a well-balanced play, aided by expert direction from Guy Masterson for Theatre Tours International.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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