The Black Rider

Robert Wilson, Tom Waits and William S Burroughs
Barbican Theatre

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Black Rider image

When this musical fable was originally announced, there was no doubt that it would be the hottest ticket of the Barbican's BITE 04 season. The opening night was certainly packed to the rafters. No doubt, the same will happen in San Francisco in September and Sydney at the beginning of 2005.

The Black Rider, subtitled The Casting of the Magic Bullets puts together one of those dream teams that has something to attract everybody.

The director, not to mention set and lighting designer and probably general moving force behind the whole project, is Robert Wilson, a man renowned for his artistic aesthetic and wild imagination. He has a long experience in collaborating with great artists, perhaps most famously on Philip Glass's operas such as Einstein on the Beach.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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