Blofeld and Baxter: Rogues on the Road

Henry Blofeld and Peter Baxter
Assembly George Square Gardens

Peter Baxter and Henry Blofeld

On the basis that everyone going to see Henry Blofeld and Peter Baxter is looking for the chance to see their broadcasting heroes in the flesh and enjoy an hour of laughter, this new show fits the bill perfectly.

More and more, the former stars of Test Match Special are turning themselves into modern versions of those delightful cricket-loving buffers Charters and Caldicott in Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes.

While cricket inevitably rears its ugly head, for example in the story of the day 50 years ago when Henry almost made an unplanned Test debut, the theme connecting this hour of gentle anecdotes is travel and its inevitable pitfalls.

A map on the back wall shows how far afield the minor disasters of touring life stretch, with the sub-continent excelling with by far the most appearances.

Strangely, while many tours of the past are invoked to entertain the punters, the current Ashes series is literally not mentioned.

By the end of the show, which typically tends to feature Baxter bowling donkey drops that generate sixes in the form of embarrassing Blofeld stories usually involving alcohol and beautiful women, everyone will leave satisfied.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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