Breakfast Plays: Tech Will Tear Us Apart (?): The Girl in the Machine

Stef Smith
Traverse Theatre Company
Traverse Theatre

The Girl in the Machine

The Girl in the Machine is the most fully developed of the 2016 Breakfast Plays.

Stef Smith has created a terrifying world, which we see through the eyes of IP lawyer Polly and her tech designer/promoter husband Owen, respectively Kirsty Stuart and Martin McCormick.

Polly’s problems arise when a client develops an app that can create new music by dead artists. Suddenly, post mortem tunes by Lennon and Hendrix become a reality.

The couple are into Nirvana, which makes its own symbolic statement as the unknown developer turns what should be a heavenly opportunity into a dystopian nightmare.

This is a good idea, looking at serious ethical issues as well as entertainment opportunities and could easily be adapted into a full-length piece in the future.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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