Breakfast Plays: B!rth – Choices

Stacey Gregg
Traverse Theatre

Breakfast Plays: Birth

The 2017 Breakfast Plays at Traverse explore the birth experience through the eyes of four playwrights from across the globe, under the guidance of director Emma Callander.

The opener by Stacey Gregg is a monologue delivered by Tessa Parr.

For around 50 minutes, she creates a series of scenarios, creating pictures in words and regularly interacting with the audience, using metatheatre to deconstruct her performance.

Choices follows two women on contrasting tracks. Holly is a successful marketer who, at 36, hears the sound of her biological clock and becomes increasingly desperate to become pregnant, using a variety of techniques.

Younger, poorer Oonagh comes from Northern Ireland, where abortion is still illegal and flies to London in an effort to ensure that her future is not blighted by an unwanted child.

The play manages to give viewers an opportunity to understand the lives and thoughts of these two women as they contemplate motherhood and all that it entails for Britons in the 21st century.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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