Breakfast Plays: Clean

Sabrina Mahfouz
Traverse Theatre

Breakfast Plays: Clean

Following its success as a one-off as part of the Dream Plays (Scenes from a Play I’ll Never Write) Season in 2012, Sabrina Mahfouz’s witty comedy returns for a longer outing at breakfast time.

This is a 40-minute play that glorifies women, if not femininity, as its trio of heroines are brought together to undertake a Mission Impossible-type buddy project.

Orla O’Loughlin welcomes a new cast all of whom perform perfectly. This Charlie’s Angels are Emma Dennis-Edwards as the baby, Zainab, a credit card cloning expert, Jade Anouka playing Chloe, a classy emerald smuggler and Chloe Massey in the role of Russian market manipulator Katya.

The three women all talk in poetic fashion, distrusting each other, even as they work together. This makes for a thrilling, intelligent and constantly witty opening to the day and should be on everybody’s list of plays to see.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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