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Brutal Cessation

Milly Thomas
Assembly George Square Theatre

Brutal Cessation

Milly Thomas is the playwright who penned and performed Dust, a lovely monologue that has been one of the discoveries of this year’s Fringe.

However, Brutal Cessation is a complete mystery. Directed by Bethany Pitts, Alan Mahon and Lydia Larson commit to the delivery of a script that brings to mind the legendary comment about Waiting for Godot. Here, not necessarily in the same order and sometimes with different speakers, nothing happens, twice.

In this case, a couple in their twenties wearing sleeping attire, imagine nasty things happening to each other, the spectacle enhanced by foodstuffs including popcorn, canned spaghetti, ketchup and a cruelly abused watermelon.

The point is far from clear.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher