Bubble Schmeisis

Nick Cassenbaum

Bubble Schmeisis

Nick Cassenbaum has written a rambling comic monologue that is intended to catch the essence of a certain brand of contemporary London Jewish identity.

As such, it might be more at home in the East End where it is nominally set than north of the border.

The story follows the writer as he and his grandfather embark on a visit from Stanmore to Canning Town for a shvitz or steam bath. Note the use of Yiddish, which is used as a major tool in the show.

They endure a series of minor comic adventures along the way and Nick dips off into a couple of youthful trips to Israel in an effort to get more laughs.

The style is close to cartoon with repetition the order of the day and delivery used to cover script limitations.

On the plus side, the musical accompaniment from John Macnaughton and Tom Baker greatly enhances the experience.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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