Cabin Fever

Jim Sweeney
Gilded Balloon Teviot

This play is a (waterbound) vehicle for comedian Stephen Frost but also gives his nephew Danny a stage role, albeit trussed up in a wheelchair for an hour.

Billy "the kidder" Merryweather has worked as a cruise ship comedian for 25 years but his time is up. The new owners of the liner decide to fire him and introduce a more modern entertainment concept to appeal to a younger generation.

The playwright deliberately misses the point that cruise ships have no younger generation and their punters will love old jokers like Billy.

Sounding just like Tommy Cooper, Frost berates the young man who has delivered the bad news and, for the last ten minutes, goes into a pretty funny stand-up routine.

Cabin Fever has enough old but endearing jokes to be worth a visit for Frost fans but as a drama, is no more than a one trick pony, to an extent redeemed by a good pay-off.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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