Captain Amazing

Alistair McDowall
St Stephens

Captain Amazing

This solo performance by Mark Weinman, directed by Clive Judd, treads the borders between theatre and comedy.

For an hour, ordinary Mark tells a sad tale about love, marriage, parenthood, divorce and more. This is illuminated by Rebecca Glover’s lovely, hand drawn cartoons, which add a dimension to a tale that has been played out on stage many times before but never quite like this.

Writer, Alistair McDowall having entered Nick Hornby territory, goes one step further. Despite his estuarine London accent, Mark occupies his spare time as a kind of downmarket superhero.

This injects novelty and is conveyed with due, downbeat humour by the likable Mark Weinman. It also allows the audience to guess whether mild-mannered Mark really does have magical powers, rubbing shoulders with Bat and Super-men or is merely a sad fantasist.

You can too.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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