Character Flaw

Philippa Dawson
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Character Flaw

In 60 frenetic, comic minutes, Philippa Dawson takes us on a journey through her life with ADHD, from growing up with bewildering behaviours, to a diagnosis and some understanding in adulthood and eventually something of an accommodation.

Describing her experience as being unable to have a single train of thought but instead being on several trains simultaneously on a complex, assorted service, multitrack network, she forms a workable analogy that threads through many of the sketches that follow.

Added to that is Jean, the voice in her head that interrupts, monopolising Pip’s thoughts and, like points failures, diverts her down alternative tracks, creating a bombardment of information illustrating a never-ending struggle to make it in a world designed for the neurotypical.

It is a real skill to pull off a comedy about a serious subject, especially when the media have often dumbed-down the conversation around it, but Dawson has created something both educational and joyously entertaining.

The show’s performative, chaotic appearance and hectic pace make it as compelling as it is illuminating, and the charismatic Dawson an engaging guide. Highly recommend.

Various dates until 30 May, many sold out.

Reviewer: Sandra Giorgetti

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