Comfort Slaves

Craig Boyle
Immersive Acting
New Town Theatre

Comfort Slaves

Comfort Slaves is too clever for its own good. Rather than pick a couple of ripe targets to attack, it ranges around numerous topics and loses focus as a result.

The event takes place in a basement kitchen and meeker visitors would do well to avoid this show, as they will be browbeaten and threatened by violent Scottish terrorists.

The key characters are led by Sands Stirling as Jerry Logan, a sleazy politician, and bring out tales of paedophilia, rape and abortion.

However characters also get involved in the struggle to remain financially afloat, star on TV reality shows and forming a low level gangster group.

This is all very Irvine Welsh, as one might expect from the team who created a memorable stage version of Trainspotting last year.

However, despite an enthusiastic cast, it lacks the clarity of the original and badly requires a cool-headed dramaturg to clarify the main plot lines.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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