Continuous Growth

Esa Leskinen and Sami Keski-Vähälä, adapted by Catherine Grosvenor
Pleasance Dome

Continuous Growth has been put together by the team behind last year’s award-winning hit, The Overcoat and at times, really feels like a rerun of that play.

It is only in the last quarter, that it finds its own voice, as the text begins to address the problems of globalisation and financial meltdown resulting from the greed of amoral bankers.

Before that, the story follows the rollercoaster life of Billy Mack’s Andy Axelgrinder, an ordinary bloke who struggles with love and money in these uncertain times.

The tale is related by four other actors who rapidly move in and out of the roles of those who have made Andy’s life what it is, with Hazel Anne Crawford as his wife Joanne and Simon Macallum playing banker Freddy Shreddy getting the most memorable characters.

Martin Doherty and Sarah McCardle provide strong support in a play that gets stronger as it progresses.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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