Coriolanus Vanishes

David Leddy
Traverse Theatre

Irene Allan Credit: Sid Scott

This solo piece that was originally performed and directed by writer David Leddy has been re-worked for performance by Irene Allan.

She plays Chris, a lady with an addictive personality whose life is as fragmented as the play in which it is exposed to public scrutiny.

In semi-darkness, which facilitates lovely effects, she drifts in and out of a series of sad stories.

These involve multiple addictions, a brutal single father, a wife who is loving and loyal, an adopted son who has his own inherited addiction problems and a lover who dies mysteriously.

Underpinning the personal testimonies that are delivered from a prison cell is a theme with deeper political resonance, as Chris's work involves selling arms to Saudi Arabia.

This all fits together somewhat diffusely but, by the end of 75 minutes, most visitors will have understood and had time to contemplate the salient facts in an unusual but strangely satisfying production.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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