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Traverse Theatre
Traverse Theatre

Jamie Michie

Crash seems designed to show a fatal car crash as a meaningful metaphor for the stock market implosion or vice versa.

For an hour, under the direction of Emma Callander, Jamie Michie delivers an object lesson in realistic acting.

He plays a severely stressed out financial trader with a good line in self-deprecating humour and understatement.

The play opens with his reconstruction of events leading to the death of his wife in a car accident following a party.

Sady, our solo protagonist has the kind of bad luck usually only suffered by evil characters in soap operas.

Having lost his loved one, his job follows and then ever more disastrous events ensue.

All of this is delivered in a depressed monotone, which hardly changes even when the catalogue of misfortune is broken by the odd ironic piece of good news.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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