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Die Roten Punkte - KUNST ROCK (ART ROCK)

Assembly George Square

Die Roten Punkte

If you are getting tired of the Edinburgh grind and need to refresh the batteries, this outrageous performance might be just the thing.

It features brother and sister, Astrid and Otto from (Australia via) Berlin, who together form the punk band of the title. If an Anglo Saxon comparator is needed for The Red Dots as they translate, the obvious choice in almost every way would be Die Weisse Streifen.

However, this hour-long set comprises far more than a stream of lively, lovely punk and rock songs from their new album Kunst Rock—Art Rock delivered with great energy and volume.

In addition, the duo delivers a stream of comedy intermingled with tragic biography, together with rather more bickering than is seemly.

The whole presentation is wild and gets the balance between comedy and music exactly right.

When Edinburgh gets too much, start looking for red dots in the middle of George Square, they will provide the perfect legal antidote to arts fatigue.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher