Dublin Oldschool

Emmet Kirwan
Project Arts Centre
Pleasance Courtyard

Emmet Kirwan and Ian Lloyd Anderson Credit: Albert Hooi

This Irish import is one of the slickest plays on the Fringe. Its two performers must be exhausted after an hour of rapping, performing and creating a drug-addled Irish underworld that might act as a great deterrent for those tempted to try hard drugs.

The central figure is Jason, a man whose life is dedicated to seeking pleasure through the scoring of artificial intoxicants and their subsequent use. He is portrayed with energy and poetic loquacity by the playwright, Emmet Kirwan.

The foils, from homeless junkie brother Daniel to a best pal and ex, are all played by Ian Lloyd Anderson.

The poetry is memorable and pacing never slides, which can make the plot hard to follow but this story was never heading for a happy ending and the journey is as important as the message.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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