Dusk Rings a Bell

Stephen Belber
High Tide Festival / Escalator East to Edinburgh
Assembly George Square

This two-hander looks at love and death through the relationship between Molly, a CNN backroom executive, and Ray, a small businessman.

Quarter of a century before we meet them, the couple had enjoyed a brief, chaste teen romance one summer in Delaware.

A lot happened in the intervening period to colour their latest meetings.

Molly screwed around, landed a good job, married and divorced. Ray got into a bad crowd, stood by while a "faggot" was beaten to death and enjoyed ten years in jail, before marrying and divorcing.

These histories make communing difficult but by spending time together, each learns as much about themselves as the other.

Dusk Rings a Bell is an intriguing work graced by a fine cornstalk set designed by takis. Abi Titmuss is not ideally cast as Molly, though under Steven Atkinson's direction, Paul Blair is a suitably confused and sympathetic Ray.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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