Dylan Thomas: Clown in the Moon

Rhodri Miles
Miles Productions
Assembly Hall

Dylan Thomas - Clown in the Moon

Rhodri Miles is by no means the first person to decide that Dylan Thomas is a perfect subject for an Edinburgh Fringe show, but his interpretation must be one of the best.

There are a number of reasons why Clown in the Moon succeeds.

First, Rhodri Miles embodies the Welsh poet, delivering poetry in a rich baritone and using good comic timing wherever necessary before conveying the tragedy of the world's loss when Thomas finally drank himself to death never reaching his forties.

Before that, we learn of the life and loves of a wild man seen at his BBC microphone and talking more casually to the audience.

There are renditions of poems, most memorably "Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night", though the beginning and end of "Under Milk Wood' also hit the target.

The Swansea-born writer's self-destructiveness, drinking and womanizing with glee still has the power to amaze all these years later when such behaviour is more common. In particular, the way that he treated his poor wife and children was little short of callous.

There are few really good Fringe shows on in the morning so this is definitely one to add to the wish list.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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