Dylan Thomas: The Man, The Myth

Hannah Ellis
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Dylan Thomas: The Man, The Myth

Hannah Ellis, who has written and narrates this hour-long hymn to the glory of Dylan Thomas, is the great man's granddaughter. She was born long after he died aged only 39 but was able to enjoy the commemorations of his centenary last year.

This show comprises a step though his biography illuminated in several striking ways.

First, Miss Ellis is able to inject her own personal recollections and also those of relatives who knew the man personally.

Secondly, there are slides that contain photos, manuscripts and other personal material to bring us closer to Dylan Thomas.

Lastly, Edinburgh stalwart and Thomas specialist Guy Masterson delivers 17 recitations in his own portentous fashion, bringing the works to the audience in a suitably accessible fashion.

Unsurprisingly, these include bits of Fern Hill and Under Milk Wood, both of which he has adapted for the stage. Indeed, when this production ends, he is presenting his solo Under Milk Wood for a week. There is also the most famous poem, Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night.

Masterson also delivers other illustrative material, including extracts from private letters, poems and books.

In short, this is a perfect show for anyone who loves (or wants to love) Dylan Thomas.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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