Steve Williams
Edinburgh Comedy Club

Steve Williams is a likeable comic from South Wales whose set seems designed to cover as many themes as he can fit into an hour.

This is both a strength and a weakness. At the performance under review, he had a far from responsive Sunday night audience and the methodology allowed him to drift around until he finally got a grip on their collective funny bone.

It took a little time for him to build confidence and them to relax. Then, the laughs started coming thick and fast.

No theme was ever established other than the general area of life today including obvious targets such as global warming, bigots and overweight people.

The funniest moments came at the oddest points, especially when, at the prompting of a table of guests in the low-ceilinged basement under the Tron, he slid into a joke in French and then considered the relationships of the British and French. Close behind was a very visual story about an old lady in an invalid car.

Steve Williams acquitted himself well enough in tricky circumstances. It would be good to hear him really getting into his stride with a livelier (and drunker) house.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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