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Filter's thrilling view of modern life draws on a hundred different artistic influences. It is also that rare thing, a theatrical performance that will make any young visitors realise that theatre can be for them.

Frantic Assembly used to produce work like this before getting more serious. There is loud music, dance and movement, homage to films such as Run Lola Run and to cartoons and video games. Rather surprisingly, Faster also manages an ending packed with power and pathos.

The three characters, a couple and a gooseberry (but which is which?) are an interesting combination. Vic is a lawyer who has dropped out of the rat race to tour the world. Will, her friend since schooldays, is the sensitive, artistic half of a design team and the brash Ben is his souped-up partner. He is also the man that steals the girl from his shy, placid best mate.

In a variety of artistic styles with many gags (the best, a hilarious human art gallery and a quick TV channel-surf) the trio explore love, work and existence in the fast lane.

The performances from Victoria Moseley in particular, Ferdy Roberts and the brave Will Adamsdale (left forearm in plaster) under Guy Retallack's sure direction are all good, although the men struggle to keep up in some of the dance scenes.

The production is both impressive and enjoyable with a live and very original soundscape and music both produced by the trio of Christopher Branch, Tom Haines and Tim Phillips.

The levels of innovation that Filter try in this breakneck 75 minutes mean that there are inevitable misses but overall, this is a show packed with humour, invention and originality and is strongly recommended. Catch it quickly as the run is very short.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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