Federer Versus Murray

Gerda Stevenson
Assembly Hall

Don't be fooled. Tennis takes a backseat in this bittersweet comedy.

Dave Anderson's James Stuart, who cannot be far off retirement age anyway, has recently been laid off and is enjoying the rest. More specifically, he is relishing the chance to be a couch potato and watch his idol, Roger Federer, win Wimbledon as usual.

His auxiliary nurse wife, Flo played by writer Gerda Stevenson. is working her socks off and gets easily frustrated by his laziness.

Slowly, an unspoken problem between them is revealed, at first by a saxophonist who plays between scenes.

The problem that the Scottish couple struggle to overcome is the loss of their son Joe in Helmand Province.

This puts great strain on the marriage, which part of the way through the hour seems to be on its last legs.

Federer Versus Murray says nothing very new but is distinguished by a pair of good performances.

Reviewer: Philip Fisher

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